Anthony & Kimberly Caminiti
Maplewood Loop
(Ridgewood to Montclair Loop - to Maplewood)

The home of the Caminitis sits on a shaded corner lot that invites you to come and relax in the cool shade of the oaks, crape myrtles, camellias and sasanqua, azaleas, bamboo, elephant ears and mondo grass that border its edges.  Originally this lot was flat and somewhat lifeless. After six years of hard work, the yard has become a lovely retreat for the family to enjoy, and includes an arbor and swing, a play-yard and club house for the children and family pets and a patio area.

The variety of plants throughout the yard proves that Southern gardening IS possible.  There is a peach tree in the front yard that bears fruit to enjoy and Encore Azaleas just beginning their show of color, and a Japanese Red Maple soon to turn color for the fall.  It is a Garden for All Seasons.  The backyard is terraced with retaining walls at several levels, forming garden "rooms" that show off  a variety of plants like gardenias, azaleas, a plum tree that bears sweet sugar plums, a Loquat tree, sasanquas of almost every variety, a Banana Shrub, Fig Trees from a grandmother's garden, clump bamboo, hydrangeas and Elephant Ears as big as - you guessed it.. As you walk around the house there is an arbor of Butterscotch Jasmine that leads down a path of blueberry bushes and more sasanqua, shaded by a row of Crape Myrtles.

It is obvious that Tony and Kim had a vision for this ordinary lot and transformed it into something extraordinary; a yard that makes you feel isolated and safe from the street, and sets you in a cool, inviting, intimate space, landscaped just for you.  Congratulations to the Caminiti Family for sharing this garden "surprise" right here in Lake Forest. The Lake Forest Garden Club has awarded a Gift Certificate from Home Depot to say thank you for the hard work and love put into the property; again making Lake Forest a really neat place to live