Yard of the Month

Art and Karen Applewhite


The "Yard of the Month" for January is 107 Meadowbrook Drive.  The owners are George "Art" Applewhite and his wife Karen.    Mr. and Mrs. Applewhite have lived in their home in Lake Forest for 14 years.  This yard has a great design and looks to be easily maintained all year long.  All the beds along with the sidewalk are bordered with the large variety of monkey grass which always give a very manicured look.  Whatever season of the year it is when you pass this yard you will always see green from the large Sago Palms to the holly and juniper.  Of course, you will also see Camellias, Crepe Myrtle and Dogwoods which are very common to our area.  I am told we can thank Glen, Mr. and Mrs. Applewhite's son for the beautiful, lush and well maintenance yard.