Yard of the Month for February, 2004

Rick and Laura Scherer
519 Ridgewood



This lovely home on Ridgewood sits on what appears to be a double lot and offers a wide variety of specimen plants. As you approach the front porch you are welcomed by Chinese Fringe shrubs, flanking the stairs.  You are then drawn towards a flag stone walk that extends into the front lawn with a welcoming bench that invites you to enjoy a front yard filled with junipers and azaleas and camellias, all awaiting the first warm day of winter to open their buds. As you walk towards the driveway there is a path lined with Asiatic jasmine and a side lot filled with camellias, Nandinas, cypress, and more specimen plants. I like the idea of having this large spaced filled with plants, not grass.  At this time of year, when color is absent, this yard mixes the colors of green and brown and purple perfectly. This home is owned by Rick and Laura Scherer and family. They have lived in Lake Forest about 3-1/2 years. Laura is a real-estate agent and Rick a financial advisor.  The Yard of the Month award comes at a particularly meaningful time for Rick, as he recovering from a recent stroke, and this, in addition to the many prayers offered, is uplifting  his spirits.  The Lake Forest Garden Club was pleased to award the Scherers a gift certificate from Home Depot.