New Years Eve at the Yacht Club

Friends enjoying themselves

Doesn't look like former GM, Jake Bodiford, is going to miss out on the feast.

The Davidson family looked to be enjoying the evening too.

Former prez, Mitch Davis, with Brenda and Ed Kirby and friends were having fun.


The lovely Cara Jernudd and the always gracious Mr. Milton were working, but they didn't seem to mind.


Of course, our other great Yacht Club staff never got a moment to rest!

Our beautiful architectural service person, Karen Bozeman with her husband were taking the night off.

Former GM, Jake with our great golf pro and interim GM, Steve Jernudd

The lovely Mrs. Davis was there too.

Miss Davidson sang beautifully as always.  She certainly came by it honestly as her mother proved a little later.

Current Board Vice President, Jim Moss, seemed to have a good time.

Debbie Waites, our Food & Beverage director, takes a moment to pose with Mrs. Bodiford.

No one will ever accuse this photographer of missing a chance to take a picture of a pretty woman.

Looks like board member, Ed Kirby, is getting an earful.

Can you believe it! Elvis showed up!