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The Sounds of the Grapevine is a meant to be a fun, information and gossip column that should not be taken too seriously, but may give the readers some insight into happenings in Lake Forest.  The webmaster makes no promises of accuracy, but does promise not to print out and out lies.  Vulgarity will not be allowed.  Nothing that could be considered libelous will be printed.  Anyone who is interested in Lake Forest is welcome to contribute.  Unless the contributor specifically indicates that we do so, we will not print his or her name.  However, we will not accept anything that is anonymous.  The most recent contributions are listed first, so if you would like to read the story in the order that it was presented, you might want to jump to the bottom of the page and work your way back up.  The text that is seen in bold and italicized print is usually a cut & paste of someone's contribution.  Anything submitted may be filtered to avoid the above mentioned no-nos.  Determining what content is inappropriate for the Sounds of the Grapevine column is at the sole discretion of the webmaster. Statements proceeded by a are comments made by the webmaster.   A submission to the Grapevine may be made by Email to the webmaster or selecting the Suggestion Box graphics ()  from one of its many locations on this site.


I just received an email from the LFPOA board of directors informing us of a vote to change the covenants. I never ceased to be amazed at the way a group like this can act as if they can make up their own rules anytime they want. There are, in fact, very specific rules for how covenants can be changed. And, I can promise you, it takes more than 307 votes of 3000 property owners. It makes me wonder if they know what the word covenants mean. Can you imagine the Lord telling the Chosen people "Oh, I've changed my mind'. The board was told several years ago that they needed to start figuring out how to operate the amenities with a lot less members. Because it is the covenants that require us all to pay the maintenance fees for the association. When those covenants expire, I'm sure the membership will drop. I'm also sure that when that time comes, all of these gimmicks they've been pulling will be successfully challenged. Although, I would like to see the covenants continue, I can't help being offended by the measures they are using. First, they agreed to let the developer take a large part of his property out of the association and covenants, in return for his votes. They didn't have the right to do that. They suggested that they did that in order to assume the developer's right to change the covenants. The developer doesn't have the right to change the covenants, other by the same means provided to any member. Secondly, I know that the real reason is to keep those maintenance fees coming in. I'm afraid its going to get ugly around here in 2021.


Perhaps you saw that we've received a notice from the board for a special meeting. A couple of points to consider, first, I challenge anyone to find anything at all in the covenants that says the developer retains the right to change them whenever he wants. A statement like that certainly does not sound like a covenant. Secondly, with the regular annual meeting coming up in just a few months, why was it necessary to call a special meeting for something that according to the notice was not scheduled for change anyway?

The board was cautioned several years ago by yours truly that the covenants were expiring very soon and that they should start planning to make the amenities self-sustaining. It's the covenants that require homeowners to be in the association and pay maintenance fees (or dues). I told them that without those maintenance fees, the association would see an almost immediate decrease in revenue of around a million and a half dollars a year. Well, they have continued maintaining the amenities reasonably well, but they've done little to make them self-sustaining. Instead, they have looked for ways to prevent the amenities from expiring. First, they said that the requirement to be a member was documented in the deed, so the homeowners would have to continue paying dues whether the covenants expired or not. I checked my own deed and did find a statement stating that the owners had to comply with a certain section of a document recorded at the county courthouse. So, I went to the courthouse and looked up that document. The document being referenced was the covenants. The covenants are still expiring. I wish them luck trying to convince the court that a section of a document does not expire at the same time as the document itself.

I agree with you that the statement would seem to suggest that the document is not a covenant. I don't know why the decision couldn't wait until the annual meeting.

OK,Readers, by popular demand we're bringing this unofficial Lake Forest website back to life. It's going to take a while to complete the process, so please be patient. There is some old material here. Some of the kids you see in these images are probably in college now or even starting their own families. It's really kind of nice to see them, so there will be no hurry in updating these pictures. The webmaster will be updating the Grapevine soon.


My goodness! It's been a long time since I've done this! You oldtimers out there may remember that the little lf graphic indicates a comment from the old webmaster. I'm planning to change this to a more traditional blog format, so keep checking back. I don't think I'm getting emails with your contributions right now, so you probably won't be seeing each others comments until I get the new system installed. In the meantime, I'll be posting comments that some of you who actually know me contribute and be throwing in a few of my own from time to time. I think you'll find it interesting.  The LFPOA board has been real creative over the last few years, sometimes in a good way and, unfortunately in the opinion of the old webmaster, sometimes in a way that has been disappointing. We're going to learn a lot together. Join in!


Wow! I've been browsing through the pages of this website and really enjoyed seeing some of those old pages. If you have some time, wander through the website and see Lake Forest. Some of the club is still as beautiful as it ever was and some of it no longer even exists. At one point a few years ago one of our brilliant boards decided the the country club cost too much to maintain, so they bulldozed at least a half a million dollars of association asset. The marina is mostly empty now, but hopefully the city will soon be dredging the channel and bringing new life to the Yacht Club. You can also check the About the LFPOA link that is found on the About Us page. You'll find more interesting information there, including the Covenants. Of course, the current board has decided that they can change the covenants, so these are not the same as the current reproduction. Read the ones you find here and see if you agree that anyone could have changed those covenants.  We'll talk more about this later. Don't pay any attention to the fees and other user information.  The numbers you see there are old and do not apply to today.


I just tested one of the Suggestion Box links to see if you could send in your contributions and it appears to be working. If you're interested in Lake Forest, join the discussion. Don't be too disappointed if you don't immediately see a great many contributions posted.  We've been offline for a good while, so it's going to take some time to see the blog traffic come back.