The honors for the September Yard of the Month go to Mrs. Mary Lee.  Mrs. Lee has been a resident of Lake Forest for the last 15 years.  She has three children, two of which reside in Lake Forest.  Mrs. Lee also has four grandchildren.  Her yard was chosen because of its wonderful layout and its many surprises.  Every section of this yard gives you a peaceful feeling.  Mrs. Lee has done an excellent job of arranging the wide variety of shrubs from Elaeagnas, Dracaena, and Hydrangea to Nadenias, Azaleas, Heather and the Stag Horn Ferns all giving the yard a lush green color all year long but not leaving the change of the seasons to obvious.  The luscious St. Augustine grass and the ivy covered trees give this yard a truly warm feeling.  This yard will be beautiful any time of the year.