May 2005 Yard of the Month
Rebecca and Milton Trosclair
198 Bayview Drive

 Rebecca and Riley (their youngest granddaughter) welcomed us into the delightful "English Cottage Garden" designed by Rebecca  herself.  It is quite a revelation to find that the elegance and style of the "front entry garden" continues throughout the expanse of their yard.  Rebecca has divided her yard into separate "garden rooms" to create a garden view from any room in their home. Starting in the "front entry garden" where we beheld brilliant yellow snap dragons, variegated ivy, gumpo azaleas, hosta and more.  We then continued on through the lovely iron arbor enveloped with sweet dainty potato vine and autumn clematis which takes us to the side garden - "the path".  The side garden contains numerous types of ferns from holly fern, autumn fern, cinnamon fern to Japanese painted fern along with English ivy and a rare climbing hydrangea.  The "path" then opened up into the "dining terrace and pond" where we found simply thousands of awesome plantings.  Some of which include a Japanese Maple, viburniums, Lady Banks Rose, azaleas, creeping jenny, tea olives, gingers, Louisiana Iris, several varieties of white hydrangeas,  and much more.  In taking in the breathtaking view of the terrace and pond with its creeping fig covered walls and the stone walkways just beyond we find the "children's garden" which Rebecca has also made an "herb garden".  This is a place where she and her grandchildren can enjoy nature and their beautiful and fragrant surroundings. Beyond these wonderfully fragrant and luscious gardens we have Rebecca's own "secret garden". The Trosclair's have included in their gardens wonderful old iron structures to add detail and depth to their garden along with arbors to pull your eyes upward and old framed windows which came from the Trosclair family home in Louisiana.  Not only does this wonderful old architecture help create an "English Cottage Garden effect but also gives you a quite a homey feeling. Just as the Trosclair's Gardens seem to go on and on so could I in describing just how beautifully gorgeous this "Yard of the Month" truly is.  Congratulations and thank you for the wonderful tour.  We've enjoyed our tenure as Chairpersons for Yard of the Month for the past year.  We have met so many wonderful people and had the pleasure of seeing so many beautiful yards.  Thank you for the honor and priviledge to serve in this manner.