Yard of the Month for May, 2004
Gerald & Evelyn Gibson
100 Montclair Place
(Off Montclair Loop at Montclair Pool Site)

The search for Yard of the Month was found across the street from the Montclair Pool, off Montclair Loop.  It is the home of Gerald and Evelyn Gibson, 19 year residents of  Lake Forest.  The home's appealing front porch, sheltered from the street by a wonderful Wisteria Vine that provides blue blossoms in the spring and offers the Gibson's a wonderful view of the gardens they have created in the front yard.

There is a unique little Light House, constructed of stacked clay pots, topped off with a working light that keeps our "night creatures" on path. This garden  is surrounded by a colorful array of Iris, Daffodils, Hibiscus, Lilies, Aguga, Chinese Fringe, Elephant Ears and other bright annuals, which  will attract many butterflies and birds throughout the summer.  This lovely garden spot also contains a birdbath for our feathered friends and squirrels.  

The next garden space is accented by a butterfly house, pansies and an interesting Antique Pump which provides a cascade of water from pump-to-bucket, while some little frogs ponder watching or jumping. On the far side of the drive is a lovely rose garden filled with a variety of colorful bushes and climbers.

We liked the variety of specimen plants across the front yard - Flowering Ccrab, Crepe Myrtle, Eastern Hemlock, Red Bud, Japanese Maple, Tulip Tree, Azaleas, and along a cobblestone front walk, an interesting Wild Dogwood  and some Cassia; topped off by a mailbox covered with Spirea (Bridal Wreath).  It is fun to see the combination of individual specimens creating a wonderful feeling of peace, beauty and color, all confirming that nature provides harmony in growing one kind next to another, shades of green all blending together, and many, many colors living side by side, day after day, season after season.  Perhaps Mother Nature is sending a silent message to her "human specimens".  We will present a Home Depot gift certificate to the Gibsons and thank them again for the hard work and love shown in their yard.