Yard of the Month for March

Ferrel & Joyce Meinschein
112 Dewitt Circle


Although most people celebrate Joe Cain Day for Mardi Gras, we celebrated a wonderful day by finding a wonderful yard of the month that uplifted us after a cold, rainy winter.  This month’s Yard of the Month was awarded to Mr. & Mrs. Ferrel Meinschein of 112 DeWitt Circle (Ridgewood & Wildoak).  The lovely over seeded rye lawn catches your eye after a long, cloudy, cold winter.  Your eyes follow to a lovely stucco home landscaped so beautifully.  The one side of the home is flanked by an eight-foot row of Mobile’s Pride Azaleas, ready to bloom come April with hot pink blossoms.  There is a small stand of large pines, with pink alyssum blooming and cabbage plants and yucca on one side of the yard, ad on the other another small stand of very large river birch, with its shaggy bark blowing in the breeze.  The pansies and marigolds set them off in lovely shades of yellow.  The front of the house is outlined in azaleas, camellias and holly, with a potted hibiscus near the door ad the buds just beginning on a specimen Japanese Maple off to the side.  As you walk around the house toward the back yard there are so many specialty plants, Chinese Fringe, Weeping Yaupon, Nandina, Fatsia, all leading to a surprising private golf course lot.  Your eye is drawn immediately to a lovely fountain with a little boy holding an umbrella and the sound of trickling water.  This fountain is very special to the Meinscheins because it came all the way from their former home in Litchfield Illinois.  There is a collection of frogs in all shapes and sizes, which find a special home under the fountain.  The backyard is a delight of individual venues containing special plants like Oriental Magnolia, more clump river birch, “Dad’s Garden” with camellias, crepe myrtle, cedar and may more plants, awaiting the warm days of spring.  To lose a golf ball in this yard is worth looking for.  Ferrel and Joyce Meinschein have lived in Lake Forest for about eight years, retiring from Linchfield Illinois, near Springfield.  Ferrel is a Master Gardner and his yard reflects his joy of gardening and landscape design.  He is also active in our Lake Forest community, helping with projects throughout our area with his expertise.  The Lake Forest Garden Club is proud to award a Home Depot Certificate to the Meinscheins and special thanks for this reporters first “welcome to spring” on this Joe Cain Day.

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