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William & Hannelore Fillingim
116 Avon Circle East
(Ridgewood & Avon Circle)


This month's featured yard belongs to Bill and "Honey" Fillingim of Avon
Circle East. The Fillingims have lived in Lake Forest since 1978 and
share in the pleasure of this hidden treasure on Avon Circle East. You come about this Hidden Garden at the end of the street and you must STOP in order not to miss this secluded array of garden "rooms." Your journey begins with welcoming Indian Hawthornes, Crape Myrtles, Confederate Rose, Chinese Fringe and Azaleas. A garden path takes you down steps towards a wooden swing shaded by a wonderful old oak. A wooden foot bridge crosses an ivy lined gully rimmed with Bamboo, Yucca, Mahonias, Canas and Sagos. The path takes you through this wooded lot and you enter each garden room holding different plants, and a pond, and a picnic area in the back. The path takes you by the patio of this charming cottage and you can see Nandinas, Canas, Lantanas, Mahonia and Gingers
and a Japanese Plum Tree. A wonderful Cactus Garden along the driveway finishes your walk. There is such a variety of plants, that have adapted to this shaded forest, so if you are looking for a variety of different plants that will grow in our area, this Secret Garden offers many ideas. And by the way, if you look closely throughout this yard, you see a variety of Gnomes and Elves who keep watch over the forest and those who dwell there.
The Lake Forest Garden Club has awarded the Fillingim's a Gift Certificate from Home Depot as a way of saying thank you for making this such a great community.