Yard of the Month:

Thomas and Dottie Franco

110 Broadmoor (at Lancaster)

The Yard of the Month for November belongs to Thomas and Dottie Franco of 110 Broadmoor Drive, who have lived in Lake Forest 16 years.  Dottie told us her “Green Thumb” and “TLC” was influenced and inspired by her fathers loving guidance.  The Franco’s lovely home is on a corner lot and they have taken full advantage of softening the foundation of the house by using Mondo grass to keep your eyes moving from flower bed to flower bed.


You feel welcomed as you pass two small beds on either side of the walkway that contain Camellias and Dogwoods that draw you to the brick stairs leading to the porch.  The porch area has plantings of Pittosporum and Caladiums.  The front yard beds contain a variety of plants like the Hydrangeas, Umbrella Palms, Century Plants (Agave) ferns and Four-O-Clocks.  A side bed, along the garage and drive contains Dogwoods, Azaleas, Camellias brimming with buds, Calendula, Four-O-Clocks, Mahonia, Lantana and Coleus.  As you continue around the corner and past the drive you will notice the Cardinal Flowers, Gingers and Potato vines and a lovely Japanese Maple.  The Backyard is an informal garden with stepping-stones that lead you through Impatients, Begonias, Ginger, Ferns, Yellow Shrimp Plants and Aucuba.  It is a very private and serene backyard with a fence filled with confederate Jasmine and a wonderful collection of Frogs of every shape and size.  The topper to all these wonderful garden plants is a lawn to knock-your-socks-off.  The Lake Forest Garden Club again wants to thank the Franco’s for sharing their lovely yard with all of us.  It is an inspiration indeed!


The Franco’s will receive a gift certificate from Home Depot.