January 2007

Yard of the Month

Gary and Sheila Simms

122 Marikesh Drive

Gary and Sheila Simms and their teenage daughter Hanna are the residents of the beautiful white two-story home at 122 Marikesh Dr.  They can be very proud of their well planned landscape that surrounds and enhances their property. Beside the white columns at the front entrance are two towering graceful Italian cypress trees. Several Sago palms, crepe myrtles and flowering Indian hawthorns are also see in the front yard. A bubbling fountain is surrounded by liriope, caladiums and a trimmed Yaupon hedge. Agapanthus and gladiola, when in season, also grace the front garden area.  Japanese yew and a lovely pink camellia Sasanqua have been added to provide color and form.

Gary, a local funeral director, finds working in his lawn and garden areas a valuable source of relaxation and stress management from his demanding professional occupation.

At the rear of the residence is a fenced in garden that contains a banana tree, lorapetalum, gardenias and a large split-leafed philodendron.  Surrounded by liriope, lantana and wandering jew is a fish pond with gold fish all under the protection of “Nick”, Hanna’s big but friendly bulldog. She says he isn’t as fierce as he looks or sounds.

The Simms home and garden is an asset to their neighborhood and our Lake Forest community. Gary, Sheila and Hannah are well deserving of this month’s “Yard of the Month.”

*Courtesy of the Lake Forest Garden Club