March Yard of the Month:

Ernest & Dianne McCrary

106 Milburn Circle (Off Bayview)

Our selection for this month is a home that is very contemporary, and along with the placement on the lot and the landscaping, makes it an interesting choice for Yard of the Month.  Ernest and Dianne McCrary have lived in Lake Forest for 17 year’s.  Ernie is care giver to the front yard and Dianne is the master of the back.  Together they have put together a collection of plants that are very interesting.


The doorway of the home is flanked by a large flowering cherry tree, which has an ivy covered trunk to make it pretty all year long, when the flowers and leaves are gone.  A collection of Nandinas and Azaleas bordered by Mondo grass finish off the front entrance.  Along the side of the house there are Fatsia, some Sweet Olive, Indian Hawthorne’s, Sago’s, Mahonia, Pittosporum and Boxwood with a Magnolia and Oak in the center.  In the front yard a large Arborvitae, Red Bud tree center around Boxwood, Sago Palms and bird feeders.  There is a Pear tree that received some Hurricane damage and a row of Loropetalum Chinese (Chinese Fringe) blooming happily.


Whether it is landscaping or home building, most of us traditionally use the basics when placing a home on the lot and then use the ordinary landscaping.  The McCrary’s have chosen to utilize the lot and landscaping to enhance the home.  The Lake Forest Garden Club is happy to award a Gift Certificate to Home Depot and we’re happy to have found this lovely Yard of the Month for you all to enjoy.