October 2006 Yard of the Month*

Jack & Patricia Popp

173 Rolling Hill Dr


Upon arriving at the lovely home of Jack and Patricia Popp, you are greeted by a beautiful hot pink Mandevilla plant adorning their mailbox. It is just a preview of the impressive colorful flowers, shrubs and trees to be seen there. Jack credits his gracious wife Patricia for the excellent choices that were made for the landscape design. Patricia acknowledges that Jack, who is one of Lake Forest Golf Club’s best low handicap golfers, is also the one who maintains the impeccably trimmed and nearly weed-free lawn.

A prized Japanese red-leaf maple tree is near the driveway entrance. The front porch of the stucco home is surrounded by multicolored caladium, amaryllis, a dogwood tree and another Japanese red leaf maple tree. Moving around to the side and the rear of the residence, one sees shaped lorapetalum, ligustrum, and other pretty foundation plants.

The back of the home extends to the golf course, however the red, white and purple crape myrtles, hanging begonias and Indian Hawthorn (tree form) provides adequate privacy and beauty for the family. Patricia loves her fragrant four o’clocks, hostas and hanging Kimberly Queen fern. Jack is very proud of the banana tree and his gold and pink angel trumpet plants that bloom from their large pots as well as his newly acquired Leyland cypress tree that may be admired from the 12th fairway of the Lake Forest golf course. Their lovely enclosed sunroom is framed in by numerous other plants and a row of Gumpo azaleas.

It is indeed a pleasure to visit with Jack and Patricia Popp

* Courtesy of the Lake Forest Garden Club