November Yard of the Month*

Dwight & Gena Prouty

112 Dewitt Loop

The winner on November’s “YARD OF THE MONTH” is Dwight and Gina Prouty of 112 Dewitt Loop in Lake Forest..  They are both native Mobilians and obviously possess much knowledge of the varieties and types of flowers, shrubs and trees that flourish and beautify properties here in Daphne.

As you approach their home, you are greeted by a lush lawn bordered by bright red impatiens, liriope, Indian hawthorn, ferns and variegated hydrangea all very happy beneath a magnificent live oak tree.  Also, crepe myrtles, angel trumpet and a sago palm grace the front area.

When you walk through the wooden gate to enter the back yard, be prepared for some incredible beauty.  Their large, blue-water swimming pool is so inviting and has been landscaped very effectively.

Dwight admits that it is Gina who is responsible for the array of beautiful plants there.  Tropical evergreens such as split-leafed philodendron and gingers grace the shaded areas.  A windmill palm, pentas, more impatiens and camellias all thrive well there.  Gina is especially proud of her yellow bougainvilleas, nun’s orchids, a trellised wisteria and a pair of lovely, snow white madevillas.  Peppermint azaleas frame the privacy fence in the rear of the pool area.  Bleeding heart, a striking purple leafed Persian plant and oak leafed hydrangeas can also been seen.

Gina’s artistic touch is seen in a number of interesting hanging post and bird houses that adorn the back yard.  That talent carries on into their residence as well.

As we conclude our visit to this lovely place, it was obvious that Dwight was quite pleased with his wife’s landscape creations.  As he looked out over the pool area and backyard from his comfortable deck chair, Mr.  Prouty appeared to be very proud

* Courtesy of the Lake Forest Garden Club